WARP install with switch_locked gets error

Hi. Making installation with windows commandline with switch_locked param:

Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64.msi ORGANIZATION=“xxxxxx” SERVICE_MODE=“warp” GATEWAY_UNIQUE_ID=“xxxxxxx” switch_locked="true

… I get an error when I open WARP first time:
Microsoft Edge can’t read or write in the data folder:
The app window shows blank.

I am not familiar with CLI installation process, but if I may just add here my situation, maybe it could help someone …

I just installed Cloudflare WARP on my Windows 10 PC yesteday again, no issues, except I forgot I have had the Cloudflare WARP installed long time ago, then removed it for some other reason and disabled it’s created service.

So, I had to turn on/activate the Cloudflare WARP service (using the tool CodeStuffStarter) to make sure I can click on the “switch” button, and it started working immediately.

May I ask, during the installation, where you asked to provide some administrative access or not? (usually it should ask and the user should accept, otherwise I think it could fail somewhere in between)

If using CLI, were you running the CLI in with administrative privileges?

A complete logoff of the user in use worked.

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