WARP - high "estimated loss"

I’m running the latest WARP client for Windows v1.3.86.1
Why do I have such a high “estimated loss”? See screenshot. (30,976%)
What does “estimated loss” even mean?

To clarify, this happend during heavy download traffic.

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First thing we would want to check is who is your ISP? Are they a cable provider? If so log into your modem usually Look at the logs and see if you are receiving T3 or T4 timeout errors. These are service level issues on your line. They are not something that an ISP phone tech usually will look for, typically only T2 or T3 techs will know to look for these errors. If you are seeing this your ISP will need to send a Tech to your home and then they will request a maintenance dispatch to repair the issue, which is typically at what is called the Plant.
If you are not on a cable provider or you do not see the errors then you can preform a couple of ping test from the computer

  1. ping -l 500 -n 100 : This will do a 500byte per packet ping test to yahoo.com 100 times. This will show if you are seeing loss to the internet.
  2. Ping -500 -n 100: This will be a ping to your router again 500 bytes and 100 times. this will let you know if your pc is dropping packets to the router.
    Log into the router. Go to advanced - system tools - diagnostics, click on advanced to open the drop down and set count to 50 and size to 500.
  3. Ping the IP of different devices on the network to see if there is any loss internally.
  4. Ping DNS address
  5. Ping

Let us know the results.