WARP help... no answer from in-app feedback

Hello Guys

I need help for app (android), I tried in-app feedback many times but not receive answer…

I’m from Georgia (Tbilisi), I have installed latest version of app and I use WARP+ UNLIMITED on my Samsung Galaxy A41 (Android 10)…

When I enable WARP, it works fine from the beginning (I see “Yes” for “Connected to” and “Using DNS over HTTPS” on page), but my internet stops working after some time… This happens on both wifi and 4G/LTE… Before, I tried everything (disable battery optimization for app; Always-On VPN android setting… etc.) but no effect… Now, I tried enable Android’s “Private DNS” (“1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com”) together WARP, it works fine, my internet not stopping anymore. I see “Yes” for “DoT” on, while in app enabled “DoH”… Android’s Private DNS override DoT…

Is this correct way to use WARP?

Why internet stops working when “Private DNS” set to “Off” or “Automatic”? It is app bug or my ISP blocks connection?

Maybe someone can help me, please?

Connection without WARP and Private DNS:

Connection with WARP:

Connection with WARP and Private DNS:

I have been occasionally having the same problem from Turkey. Enabling Warp loses all Internet connectivity.

Apologies to both of you that this issue is happening.

Next time you are in this state can you go to Advanced->Connection Options and try Reset encryption keys and let me know if that helps?

@datoshkr I’ve found your ticket in our system and am taking a look as well.


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:(( No effect. Same problem…

I’m experiencing very much the same issue, and resetting the keys didn’t help. When I lose connectivity, I need to disconnect WARP+ then immediately reconnect.

(Posting so you have more data about this issue if you’re still investigating. My ticket is #154109)

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I think ISP blocks connection after some time… I also losing connection when use other VPN service or Tor… When I use “obfuscated” VPN server or Tor bridge which not blocked from my ISP, I have good connection…

Hmm interesting piece of information, thanks for posting this. Keep the bugs coming in, especially with attached logs. These patterns are super helpful for eventually figuring things out.