Warp for server

Wondering if WARP can be used on servers w/o an active user login? Also, what exactly is blocked locally when WARP connects? I noticed I cannot RDP to machines running WARP. Does it just firewall all incoming connections?w

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Any news? After

warp-cli connect

on Ubuntu Server

incoming connections immediately stop working (e.g. SSH, RDP) but no issues with outgoing connections

still behaves the same - cant use warp on machine you are remotely connected to… pretty annoying.

especially when you can do enrollment without GUI using Service Token for example on linux server…

Reply from support

"To SSH to the machine with warp enabled, you can add the IP address of the machine to the exclude route.

Go to Settings->Network->Split Tunnels->Click Manage->Add IP address of machine

In my testing environment, I have WARP enabled on a remote Windows machine. In order to access it via RDP or SSH I need to have the IP address of this machine added to the exclude route.

You may also need both the IPv4 and IPv6 address of the machine added.

See more info below: Split Tunnels · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs"

Did you end up getting this working? I tried adding the public ip and private ip of the server to be excluded in the split tunnels, but I am still unable to ssh into the machine if warp is enabled.

Edit: To get this working, I had to exclude the source ip in split tunnels, in other words, the public ip address of the machine I am using to ssh into the server with Warp turned on. This is less than idea.