WARP for iOS can't login into Teams

I’m a Cloudflare Teams and WARP user and have successfully used WARP to connect via my Teams login within the app. I’ve also typed in my Gateway-subdomain into the app as well, both leading to the app changing color and displaying “Teams” instead of “WARP” on the first page. Now as of yesterday I have struggled with the app not providing internet connectivity. After resetting everything from the setting menu and reinstalling the VPN profile, I managed to get back internet again (before enabling the Teams feature). Now I can’t seem to be able to connect to my Teams account anymore from within the app. I choose Settings > Account > “Login with Cloudflare form Teams” - and after typing in my cloudflareaccess launch page subdomain properly it loads a white blank screen.

the launch page works perfectly on other devices and even from my mobile device, but not from within the WARP in-app-browser where I’m supposed to login. I have tried this both on my 4G as well as Wifi connection with the same outcome.

update [SOLVED]
in Settings > Account > “Login with Cloudflare form Teams” I managed to open another cloudflareaccess subdomain that I own, so that led me to revisit the Teams dashboard from my laptop and reset the device enrolment section (not sure what I did exactly), and then on the phone the account login screen showed up.