WARP for Desktop: Low Sustained Download Speeds

While I’ve been a user of WARP+ since it was created, I’ve never really stressed it’s download speed due to it being mobile usage. However, now that it’s on desktop (macOS), it’s clear that it greatly affects my sustained download speeds. For instance, downloading from Apple I get maybe 2MB/s when using WARP, 9+ MB/s without. Part of this may be that Cloudflare routes me through Chicago rather than my much closer Detroit, but I’d expect that to affect latency, not overall download speed. This is also visible on speed.cloudflare.com, where the test essentially drops out after a while. (Bizarrely, tests to fast.com and speedtest.net are fine, possibly due to their lower bursts, or otherwise optimized connectivity.)

Are there any diagnostics or other tests I can run, or is this expected? If it’s expected it’s rather disappointing and probably means I can’t really run WARP on my desktop.


I’ve seen similar, my 300Mb/s+ drops to a little below 100Mb/s on my MacBook Air.

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What’s strange is that it will start high but eventually level out low, which is why I mentioned “sustained download speeds”. So I know it’s not protocol overhead or anything.