WARP download speed severely reduced

My ISP provides 2300 Mbps download speed. Over home network I typically get 1500. With Cloudflare WARP installed, my speed drops to 440.

Thoughts? Are there ways to speed it up some?



Do you achieve higher speeds with WARP+? I think the speeds on normal WARP could be limited.

Not sure how to get WARP+. I have WARP installed on my Fedora linux PC.

Please advise.

Thank you

Anyone? Again Warp reduces my download speeds by some 2/3s. Help?!

To get WARP+, you need to install the app on either an iOS or Android device and then purchase the subscription through one of those apps, with the billing occurring via one of the respective app stores.

You can then copy the WARP+ license key over to your Linux client; I believe the command would be “warp-cli registration license [license_key_from_mobile_app]”. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to purchase it outside of a mobile app.

That said, I have a 1 Gbps connection, and I only see speeds in the 300 - 400 Mbps range with either WARP or WARP+. I suspect it is just a throughput limitation of the service.

I get full speed according to my 500mbps plan. I have seen people with Gigabit connections achieve upto 800mbps.