warp + does not work in turkey

warp + does not work in turkey. I request the refund of the fee I paid

That’s unfortunate. You’ll have to open a ticket, or email “billing AT cloudflare DOT com”

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Maybe CF needs to stop advertise WARP as a VPN if it does not bypass censorship. I know a vpn is just a server we are connected to but business model of all vpn services n the market is pretty much helping people bypass censorship. Even Enterprise level VPNs do that nowadays.

Cloudflare clearly does not care about internet censorship from third world governments at all. It would already be fixed now. I will never pay again unless CF stays against censorship.

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It really is a VPN, by definition. Anybody on a corporate VPN isn’t using it to bypass censorship. There should be a better term for VPNs that lets you choose your exit node.


Cloudflare WARP isn’t really meant for bypassing censorship, they clearly stated that:

The WARP application uses BoringTun to encrypt all the traffic from your device and send it directly to Cloudflare’s edge, ensuring that no one in between is snooping on what you’re doing.

The main reason to use Cloudflare WARP is to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks between you and the website you are surfing - works best if you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi like Starbucks or McD. If you are looking for bypassing censorship, Cloudflare WARP is not the right product.

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I bought it to use secure Internet, not to circumvent censorship. but when I connect to warp the internet becomes extremely slow and even does not load. This application is not available in Turkey. I want the money I paid back, what should I do for it. no invoices have been sent to me

That is a false statement since it does not prevents man-in-the-middle-attacks too.
On the other thread I opened, the previous guy stated that CF does not choose the closest datacenter but my ISP does. This is a complete lie of course which is not related to my ISP but the business decision of CF. The WARP nodes used to be Romania even though there was CF datacenter in Istanbul years before WARP service already. Thus, after CF decided to use Istanbul datacenters for WARP it become obsolete and censored. It is very clear that you could programmed it to choose Romania but you don’t because it is the business decision of CF and not what my ISP decides. It is decided by CF at this point period.
How is my ISP choose this when it is crystal clear that once the CF switch back to Romania everything is solved haha.

The thing you do not wanna understand is I can already bypass cencorship with DNS-over-HTTPS and Trusted Recursive Resolver method on Firefox without any cencorship. I repeat I can bypass using using techniques instead of commercial VPN methods that I get all my traffic via another server.

This proves that there is no IP block at the certain websites besides major popular adult tubes. Because I am using my local IP and just using encryption for DNS query. That’s it. It works but So called VPN or “BoringTun” what you call it does not work at all. I can prove my claim pretty easily.

For some reason Turkish Operation of the Cloudflare is letting some ISPs to block their service and help government to censor internet. This is usually done with Wireguard blockage. Yes even wireguard VPNs are blocked for some ISPs. It is funny that I am getting CF errors when trying to reach certain websites even though their IPs were never blocked. How is that a VPN or prevents man-in-the-middle-attack if there is no IP block to the website and only thing is DNS query between me and CF. There is a problem with your method or encryption I guess.

As a result WARP is not VPN at all at this point because it does not prevent man in the middle attack in my case. I can prove my claims pretty easily. All I have to do is connect the WARP+ and screen record and you will see the results.

As a paying customer it is shame the workers try to convince me for censored internet by justifying their “business decisions” lol.
Goodbye CF. You won’t gonna earn a single penny from me anymore. And I will make people not pay your censored service lol. Good luck with your business decision.

Your claims about WARP are not true at all. I am the living example of this.

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yes he is right. I’ve had the same problems. You did not help me. I stopped using cf. my money wasted

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I suggest you to stop using WARP. Their method is obsolete at the moment. Their marketing point of low pings are also not that much promising and not effective too.