WARP+ does not work and made no difference

As the title says, WARP+ does not work and made no difference. Initially, before I subscribed, I could not connect to at all. It would just freeze at “Connecting”. I thought buying WARP+ would fix the problem, but it didn’t. It made absolutely no difference. So I tried to reach out to someone that could help me. And as it turns out, this thing has no customer support at all, even after I paid them. I clicked on “Need help?” inside the app and I described my issue under “Report a bug” because there was no categories out of the two categories to contact support. Weeks later I did not get a response. I did it again, and I still didn’t get a response. At this point, I would like a refund for the 40 AED I paid. Of course, I wasn’t able to contact someone so I had to figure out this website exists just so I can get hold of someone.

I’m sure you can request a refund from the App Store (iOS) or Play store if you’re on android

It’s quite possible that your ISP has blocked Cloudflare warp, you mentioned AED so I assume you’re in the UAE where Etisalat has a bad history of blocking things, although, it’s still very possible that the issue is something else entirely

I tried, and it just said that I’m “not qualified” the moment I clicked submit and it said that I had to reach out to the developers.

It seems really strange regarding the report. I have always received a reply. Maybe @cloonan knows who to ping to have some info…

Hi @amirehmarwan, sorry for the issues, probably best to loop in support AT cloudflare DOT com and let them know. If you have a ticket or any details from the report through the app, please include those in the email. And, if you receive an auto reply, respond back and ask for more help. When you have it, please share your ticket number here and I’ll ensure it’s in the billing queue.

Sent the email. Hopefully I get a response this time, since it’s been three days.

Hi @amirehmarwan , this is very strange and interesting that the app isn’t working on your mobile phone.
1.Can you share your mobile phone type with us?
Also, I made some screenshots within my app to help you more.
2. It would be very useful to get the logs of the app when you will speak with the team, here is what you need do in order to enable logs and get some useful information during the network exchange:

then go to advanced.


DNS logs and enable DNS logs.

also you need to go back, and check your console logs.

Can you share with us the console and DNS logs? make sure to hide any sensitive info (IP etc)

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