Warp+ Device Management broken

Since there is no way to write a support ticket I will “ask the community” to help me with using my Warp+ subscription.
I have purchased Warp+ on my iPhone. When trying to add the key on my iPad I get a generic “something went wrong” error 99% of the time.
Retrying this a multitude of times will result in a different error (key removed from picture).

Naturally, I tried managing the devices on my iPhone to see whats going on. Again, I face a generic “data not found, check your connection” error 99% of the time despite trying Wifi, mobile data, vpn on, vpn off.

After finally getting into device management, I cannot remove any device from my account because it again results in an error (“something went wrong”, thanks for highly informative message).
Interestingly enough, my iPad is listed twice in the device management screen but still doesnt have Warp+. I am very disappointed by my experience with this product and to say it has been subpar in comparison to my other Cloudflare products would be an understatement.

Btw: Trying to restore the purchase on my iPad either does absolutely nothing or gives “WARP API: resultInvalid” error.

Are you able to open a Bug Report from within the app? @kkrum usually sees these.



  1. Have you shared your license key with other devices or given it to your friends?
  2. Did you buy this license key yourself or did your friends give it to you? Or you found it in the forums.
  3. If possible, try another license key, preferably trial.

Thanks, I have reported all the issues I encountered.

I subscribed on iOS with my Apple Account and have not shared the key.
What do you mean by trying another key?

After installing the app, you will be given a new license key on the new device.
You can install the application on another device and use its license key.