Warp Desktop and Ios App has stopped working


Recently Warp stopped working both in Win 10 and my Ios device. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. And my ISP is Turkcell Superonline. On the contrary when Im on my phone with LTE connection which is also the same company, WARP seems to work.

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When you indicate the app doesn’t work, does stopping. starting the client make a difference? Is it being used just for DNS or for Warp as well? It is possible that your provider or another connected network could be blocking this traffic upstream. I’d recommend submitting a bug report or in-app feedback but you may want to contact your provider as well.


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I believe it is the ISP blocking it. I will send the log and see what happens.


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Superonline is dropping every WireGuard packet since a few days and when you ask them they are telling that its an order by BTK (https://www.btk.gov.tr/) The main assumption is allowed Turkish citizens to bypass censorship and just to block they DECIDED TO DROP EVERY WIREGUARD PACKET! Which also affects every WireGuard user. Both as an WARP+ user and as someone who has multiple WireGuard setups in different VPS networks its affecting me really bad. :confused: Guess a dream has ended for Turkish users (Superonline for now and maybe other ISPs in the future) I hope at least they will revert the Wireguard issue may Cloudflare can help educate Superonline about these things. Really sad to see how Turkish ISPs are dealing with things like that…

Tangentially related: Exit traffic from Istanbul PoP is likely being censored by the government

Edge traffic is never supposed to be filtered depending on the transit provider.