Warp cuts internet speed in half

I had installed WARP and changed my DNS tro and began experiencing slow speeds. After doing some checking WARP is slowing my internet speed by HALF.
I have 1 Gig service and could not achieve more than around 450 Mbps.
Turning WARP OFF and removing the DNS (router) brought my speeds back up to the 1Gig range.
Not worth it if I have to sacrifice performaance
Uninstalled from all devices.

I am seeing a similar issue where having Warp enabled on my Windows machine causes the local network throughput to be roughly 1/2 its full capacity. If I disable Warp then the throughput returns to the full gigabit speeds.

Would love to find a way around this rather than having to disable Warp all the time. I’ve submitted feedback from within the Warp app so hopefully they respond.

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