WARP Connector: Docs != Interface


The documentation for WARP Connector was simply available before the service was launched to all customers.

Documentation: Set up WARP Connector · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs
Launch Announcement: Introducing WARP Connector: paving the path to any-to-any connectivity

(Update added by original poster to avoid confusion. I noticed this was one of the top results for some search queries)

I was working on setting up WARP Connector today, and the steps in the documentation don’t match the Zero Trust web interface. I didn’t have much luck with the API either.

Specifically, there’s no “Override local interface IP” option in Settings > WARP Client, and no option to choose a connector type when creating a tunnel.

It looks like WARP Connector was added to the documentation about 3 weeks ago. Was the documentation released before the feature became available, or am I missing something?

I spent an hour this morning checking my work over and over because of the same issue - it’s giving me 365 portal flashbacks. I thought maybe it was because I’m still on the free plan, but I can’t find any record of this being limited to the higher plans.

I was also confused by what condition to put in the device profile so I just put in “OS == Linux”, which isn’t exactly right but works out for now. You would think you could select the service key you put in but that didn’t seem to be an option.

This is my first time setting up ZTNA to evaluate for a client, so it’s possible I’m just not grokking something yet.

The API gives me this result when trying to create a WARP connector tunnel. Maybe it’s a private beta? Other than the “Beta” tag in the docs, there’s not enough information to determine the status of this feature.

I also do not have this in my UI.

Does anyone on the free plan have this?

@a.collett Nope, I just tried from the dashboard and API as well, it seems that this is probably an enterprise only feature.


So, I tested this by creating a new account with a different email address. And, nope, not there.

In fact, I can’t see any new features in the UI that have been released since the major power outage recently.

I checked the docs, and there are a number of new features, including this one, that are stated to be part of all plans. e.g. https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-devices/warp/configure-warp/warp-settings/#override-local-interface-ip

So, either Cloudflare aren’t aware that free plans are in a “frozen” state, and you can’t tell them because they won’t accept any support tickets (I tried), or, they’re still recovering from the outage. . .

@user1291 Our company signed up with a Standard subscription account, and I got through to some pretty helpful support people. It’s simply not rolled out yet to all customers, that’s all.

I’ve said to them that there should be something to that affect in their documentation, since it’s not clear. . .


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