Warp Connector behave like a client only

Installed WARP connector on debian Linux vm and RaspberryPi (both are arm processor aarch64) according to the docs and all went with no problem. I can see the connector on my tunnels list along with other cloudflared tunnels I have. For short time the warp tunnel was also green (=active) but then dropped to DOWN state. However - it behaves like simple warp client and not connector - I can reach through this warp tunnel other devices connected on remote sites with cloudflared connector but can’t reach anything back - behind the warp connector. Checked that all settings (warp-warp etc.) are as instructed with no luck.
One observation - the instruction to install the warp connector states “arch=amd64”, I omitted this so installed warp was aarch64 - can this be part of the problem? Does anyone tried and can confirm warp connector works on Arm processor?