WARP connectivity issue

The issue i’m having is I think I am being disconnected from my server once an initial connection is made.

I run a Final Fantasy XI private server on my home network, to bypass CGNAT I use a cloudflared tunnel which is tested works.
I added an enrolment rule to Zero Trust so only a particular e-mail could log in.
I installed and setup WARP on the client machine and used a secondary internet connection to test connectivity. This was a success
I was then able to connect to the server on the local network through the tunnel and get a response from the server
I was able to login to the game client with this initial connection but then is seems to stop receiving data altogether.
The game on the client side loses connection after a period of time and can’t reconnect afterwards.
I think the problem is that there is no keep alive for any inbound connections going to the server IP and wondering if there is a way to make that happen possibly through ingress rules
I am not sure of the possibility since i am connecting through a WARP client and not through other means.

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