Warp connection unstable

Hi, I has been using Warp for Teams and the service working fine (Android Phone), but several times a day the connection stuck and I must to disconnect and reconnect the Warp for recovery my internet.

The problem is when this happen you don’t have any advice, your phone could remain in standby for hours without internet (no notifications, no email, no chat, etc), and if you don’t try to do something you don’t notice the problem.

That’s is not good using Cloudflare Team in a enterprise environment, because you have all level of users, and this matter simply complicate the work.

If you check the console log, I see the problem is “Unable to resolve host…” trying to connect to “cp.cloudflare.com” and “api.cloudflareclient.com”, I has been trying to see my DNS logs for know what happen, but as I understand when you have WARP on, all the DNS request going DOH to, so is the same Cloudflare’s DNS who is failing in resolve the warp servers.

Here you have a screenshot of the log:

Anybody know what could be the problem, any help will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance,

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