WARP connection troubles

I can’t access Discord from Discord from it’s app, meanwhile website discord works on Windows 11.
I am using WARP for TEAMS.
Normal WARP used to be working with HEL collocation center. But last time it stopped working. So I have switched to WARP for TEAMS. It changed collocation center to DME.
Is it possible to switch it to another collocation center to some European one, because it is weird to have WARP vpn in same country from which it is being used to.
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My device id is 37f5251a-2f6f-4792-9ddf-b4abfc7ef881.
It looks like my ISP prevents it working.
Can you help me somehow?

Cloudflareportal.com IP is blocked in Russia, unable to connect WARP VPN - #4 by neutronG
According to this HEL location used to work as well as for me. But it is DME and I can’t change collocation center, Is it possible to change it to some another European collocation center?