Warp connection showing as rather than WARP

Hi, we’re trying to get WARP working fully using our cloudflare for teams setup. We have two different cloudflare accounts, when I connect via the WARP client to each account I can see a difference in whether WARP appears to be working/activated or not on one of our accounts.

Please see screenshot below - working WARP to account 1 is the left hand side, our other account is showing as ‘’ even though I’m logged in via teams (on the right hand side)

Any ideas why this could be?

Sounds like the client is set to use DNS only vs Warp mode. If it wasn’t deployed via MDM choose the warp mode option in the drop down when you click the settings gear. If it was deployed via MDM verify the config for the deployment package.

Thanks @cscharff , my client is set to use ‘Gateway with WARP’, I thought this could be the issue but I double checked, also tried restarting the warp client, logging out and logging back in. Nothing seems to work unfortunately.

This is a manual client installation too, not through MDM.