Warp Connection Error

(KB4601050 and KB4601319) Warp cannot connect to servers after last Windows 10 Update. I’ve also posted a feedback for this issue. Can anyone fix this problem? My warp has been updated!

Screenshot translation: the connection was lost. The warp service is not available. try to restart.

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dont enable in startup windows I sometimes have problem like that but solved by restarting windows.

Can you verify for me the version of the application you are running?

Can you try manually uninstalling and then removing the following directories manually?
C:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP

Our Cloudflare WARP service is failing to start. This is either a version mismatch because of the cleanup issue I mention above
OR this is a conflict with the other app you have installed.

Can you let me know if either of these solutions work?


Yes, definitely Cloudflare Warp service does not start. The reason for this is the latest Windows 10 update.
I tried all the steps you suggested but the result is the same.
Version : 1.2.2866.0

Problem solved :

Go to System configuration > Services. See Cloudflare Warp. If it is unselected, select it. Restart windows, it will work.

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