WARP Connection became Very Slow

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I don’t want to write too much to describe this issue, so I took some screenshots from SpeedTest while using Cloudflare’s April 2023 and November 2023 versions

Router’s DHCP Server setting is set to for both Primary and Secondary DNS.

  1. Cloudflare’s WARP Off
    1. Off

  2. Cloudflare’s WARP ON (Version April 2023)
    2. April 2023

  3. Cloudflare’s WARP ON (Version November 2023)
    3. November 2023

Any thoughts about this issue because I lost more than half of my real connection speed?


You can click the bug :wbug: icon on the WARP client to report this directly to the WARP engineering team, who would be best equipped to tackle this kind of problem.

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I report this bug but no reply not by email nor in the forum, The Internet speed increases too much after disconnect WARP.

Looking at the screenshots, your most likely connected to a collocation server for away from you because the latency is high. That’s the most likely reason why your getting low speeds

I made the speed test after I felt the internet speed became very slow and the 1080 videos load slowly although it works perfectly without WARP

can you run warp-cli warp-stats in cmd prompt. In the output, it should show a cloudflare endpoint like or something similar. Which ever endpoint it shows, just copy it and run tracert (put endpoint without brackets) in cmd prompt then share a screenshot of the output over here

I used the “warp-cli warp-stats” command to get the WARP Endpoint and made checks with WinMTR, and here’s the result.


**WARP OFF - Public IP **

P.S. Not sure if using public IP in the Host is correct or not.

– This is an example of the real download speed–

Download Speed WARP ON

Download Speed WARP OFF

Which warp colocation server are you getting connected to and which country are you from?

Base Country: Egypt
Colocation Center: MRS (Marseille, France)

Too far, I Guess :slight_smile: