WARP+ connecting to MRS even though the nearest colocation is BOM

Hi, I live in Bombay and even though the nearest colocation is BOM, since the past few months the desktop app is consistently connecting me to MRS in France. I’m honestly baffled at how the WARP/unicast network works if it thinks that Marseille in France is closer to me than BOM where I live!

It previously connected to BOM just fine but now it doesn’t connect anywhere except MRS. I didn’t notice this until a few websites started to show me content in French and delays in opening websites became worse, gaming latency became terrible, so I checked, and it was MRS instead of BOM.

Why after so many years of WARP’s release, don’t we still have an option to choose a colocation? or even choose between two or three ‘choices’ of colocations?

Can anything be done? Is there anything I can do?