Warp Connected to private network/tunnel, some apps dont connect to internet

Hi all,

I am having trouble that SOME ios apps do not connect to internet when i am connected via the warp client and use warp to connect to my private network at home via the tunnel.

Strange problem is that only SOME apps do not connect to internet while using the warp, my banking app (Rabobank), ios app store app, a home automation app to name a few.
If i use the bank webpage it loads ok, just not via the app.
I have made 2 screenshots of the and help.teams.Cloudflare pages, these are made on my home pc but the screens/info is the same on my ipad/iphone.
Rest of internet pages, hosts on my home network, access control all work good.

I hope someone can help me out as where to start looking, the Gateway activity logs do not show anything strange.