WARP Client - Zero Trust SSO

Hey folks,

Does anyone know if there is a way of silently turning on WARP using the local Azure AD details rather than prompting for SSO?

The closest I can get using the documented parameters is either:

  • Using the default browser, onboarding=false, switch_locked=true, auto_connect=0, setting WARP as the default app for WARP URLs
    • This opens the default browser to sign-in with Azure AD, and after sign-in WARP connects
  • Using WebView2, onboarding=false, switch_locked=true, auto_connect=0
    • This is preferrable over the above as it is tidier for end users as there is a clear pop-up we can direct them to, but for some reason the onboarding privacy notice pops up which isn’t ideal (in-fact you can dismiss the onboarding privacy notice and it will still connect)

Worst case scenario if there isn’t a way to do SSO silently, is there a way to at least turn on WARP before users authenticate with SSO?