WARP client - Windows - Ignoring DNS of WARP - Bug?

The prob seems to be the same as reported a year back (closed) here: DNS leak with WARP

BUT, this is new 26/5/22…

Basically, WARP is not doing the resolving, but if flicking resolution over to win10 eth config

– I’m using WFC v6.8.1.0 firewall to test the various hypothii
– Set DNS of win10 via eth card to anything else (such as AdGuards and15.15). Poke firewall rules to allow traffic
– Set up fresh WARP client. Poke firewall holes for and port 53
– WARP client is ON (connects SYD)

OK. This is where it gets weird.

– Using cmd (or powershell)… ping something novel such as foo.com
– Comes back with IP and ping
– BLOCK firewall to AdGuards DNS.
– Ping something novel example.com
– NADA. No resolution.
– Turn off firewall (or change rule to ALLOW) and it resolves… WTF!!!
– Next, check log. Yep, from step above for foo.com the svchost.exe DNSCache wants to get to AdGuards IP’s

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE if WARP is a VPN and (should be) intercepting ALL the traffic (inc DNS)?

i.e. WARP is leaking ALL DNS requests to use the OS and sending them via svchost which is a Very Bad Thing.

I note that in the WARP client that Preferences–>Connection–>DNS protocol is now set to HTTPS rather than WARP. (it used to be warp, from memory). Upon selection of WARP as the protocol is is ignored and flips/changes it back to https as soon as a different menu-preference is chosen.

This is the result of a nslookup with WARP ON
PS C:\Users\nobody> nslookup foo.com
Server: dns.adguard.com

Obviously NOT what we want… seems to be a bug.

NOTE: I’ve tried this in all permutations to confirm the behaviour - with the firewall on/off, rules on/off, WARP on/off and setting the Eth dns to (which works, but isn’t what we want).

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