Warp Client Windows 11 Pro won't connect even after fresh OS install

Hello! I have an issue on my Windows (11 Pro) machine which is interesting and seems to persist even through complete reinstall of the operating system. I had Warp working previously on this machine with version 2023.3.450.0 however I hadn’t used it for a while. I have recently decided to jump in and configure Zero Trust and attempt to use it more often.The symptoms are that the client seems to work until I register with Zero Trust. After registering some of the UI elements appear broken:

No UI except switch:


The Account screen in preferences never loads, and the connectivity information screen in preferences shows “Unavailable”.

One thing I did notice, was that my public IP address is IPv6, not sure if this affects the connection or not, when I previously used WARP I was on a connection with IPv4 public IP. I have warnings in the log, but am unable to decipher them.

2024-01-05T04:19:50.660Z  WARN main_loop: warp::warp_service: Disconnecting, but reason is unknown
2024-01-05T05:41:41.524Z  WARN warp::warp_service::ipc_loop: TX IPC task failed error=OsError(Os { code: 109, kind: BrokenPipe, message: "The pipe has been ended." })
2024-01-05T05:41:41.524Z ERROR warp::warp_service::ipc_loop: IPC connection ended with error OsError(Os { code: 109, kind: BrokenPipe, message: "The pipe has been ended." })

I also see this loop executing every five seconds or so:

2024-01-05T05:39:04.365Z  INFO warp::warp_service::ipc_loop: IPC: new connection exec_context=Regular process_name="C:\\Program Files\\Cloudflare\\Cloudflare WARP\\Cloudflare WARP.exe" pid=8500
2024-01-05T05:39:04.366Z DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Ipc request: a18c01f3-c1b6-4c23-8b30-74a63d174540; GetDaemonStatus
2024-01-05T05:39:04.366Z DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Sending IPC status update: Disconnected(Manual)
2024-01-05T05:39:04.366Z DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Ipc Broadcast ResponseStatus: Disconnected(Manual)
2024-01-05T05:39:04.366Z DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Ipc response: a18c01f3-c1b6-4c23-8b30-74a63d174540; Success
2024-01-05T05:39:04.366Z DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Ipc request: 4dc859e7-ec31-4a9a-bcba-f1eb79b810c9; GetAppSettings
2024-01-05T05:39:04.366Z  INFO warp::warp_service::ipc_loop: IPC connection ended

I have the Warp client for Android installed on a device that is connected to the same network and working as intended. I have also used a 5G Wifi hotspot instead of the normal connection, and I get the same results.

I tried to submit a debug report using the Warp client, however after pressing the button to submit it, the loading indicator just spins forever. I’m guessing similar connection issue when submitting the report.

I can provide any additional information needed, I hope we can get to the bottom of this!

Okay, so I had followed another user on the community’s guide on how to import all TLDs to the local domain fallback list in order to use an internal DNS resolver (piHole) on my network. This included 1036 TLDs/internal domains. It must have been too much for the Windows Client to deal with. Strange that it works just fine on Android, but I digress. I created a second WARP client profile to assign to Windows devices only and set local domain fallback to default and it is working fine now.

I will ask the question that has been asked many times already, is there a way to route all DNS queries to an internal DNS server first, then Cloudflare?

I could obviously make the case for this as a homelab user, as well as an enterprise user. Maybe require that the upstream servers are set to Cloudflare?

I understand that it is beneficial to have your queries processed by Cloudflare DNS servers both for Zero Trust functionality and for Cloudflare to have the data.