WARP Client unreliable

First up, perhaps we need a category/topic for #WARP because it doesn’t really sit under #security:gateway or #security:access – it’s both, right?

I’ve been having various issues with the warp client:

  • Release version 2022.5.341.0 just doesn’t connect at all with it saying “your internet is not protected” even with the switch on. It falls to set the DNS settings correctly.

  • Release version 2022.5.226.0 failed to work with the localhost DNS just point blank refusing to resolve any queries

  • The 2022.5.324.1 Beta has actually worked the best so far in my testing, but then why isn’t the release channel reliable :sob:


By “unreliable” you mean intermittent disconnection from the internet, right? If so, I believe that is related to this bug. I’ve been suffering from this problem for almost two months. Sorry to tell you that there is currently no solution, and it seems that the WARP team is not taking this seriously.

Yes, you’re right. In frustration I didn’t give much useful detail. I’ve updated my post with more specific examples.

They don’t quite match your specific examples but unfortunately speak to the reliability of the client.

I don’t see how I’m meant to deploy this in a business setting as there’s no direct communication between the maintainers of the warp client and their customers.

I understand there a free version, but businesses (on the Teams SKU) need reliability and decent avenues of support.

I’ve lost track of how many days it’s been since support replied to my ticket :man_shrugging:

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