WARP Client - Unable to block Manage Excluded Apps under Adv Settings

It appears that users can exclude Android apps in the WARP Client even when settings are locked down in Cloudflare Teams. This effectively defeats the WARP Client and any policy that is configured to block certain traffic (e.g. porn) by excluding any browser.

How do you prevent the user from modifying this list? And why can’t I remove Netflix and Youtube?

The ability to exclude (or not) specific apps is likely a higher level setting than an App can control and would need to be managed with a device MDM policy.

Re: Youtube and Netflix - FAQ · Cloudflare WARP client docs

Well, when the user can exclude browser apps such as Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc., then this completely circumvents what the WARP client is designed to do. I have several policies that block malware, ads, and porn and when I exclude a browser, such as Edge or Chrome, I can visit what is supposed to be blocked by those polies.

Cloudflare needs to give us ability lock that function within the app. This is within the WARP Client itself, in other words an actual option. My screenshot was taken within the WARP Client app itself. This is not a function of the Android OS.

Hello, I am also in the same situation, did you solve it? How to solve it? Thanks

TRUE, it needed to be solved.
Anyway users have their right to change what is needed to route.