WARP Client to reach Cloudflare Access apps in CLI


Can we use the WARP client on mac to access resources (eg APIs) behind Cloudflare Access in non browser environments (command line tools, scripts)?

My understanding is that alternative would be to use cloudflared, but it requires a much more complex integration, while we expect WARP to be completely transparent to the apps running locally


Note: we considered using the “Bypass” policy, but we’d like to access to CF_Authorization cookie / cf-access-token header, and neither of them seem to be set in “Bypass” mode

If a user has authenticated to Cloudflare access let them in. Add required Gateway to a gateway access policy policy. Bypass require gateway is for otherwise unauthenticated requests where the user is a member of the zero trust team.

Hi @cscharff, thanks for your answer.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean. Are you suggesting we should change our Access policies, and that will let non-browser tools access the protected APIs? Would you be able to share a link that details the required steps to set this up?