WARP client to access Zero Trust with pihole

Hi, I’m trying to configure the WARP client to access my internal network - to be more specific I need ssh to the VM inside my home network. I’ve been using Zero Trust tunnel with many public hostnames for a long time without any problem. Unfortunately I’ve got problem with DNS resolution when trying to connect to the Zero Trust, probably because I have configured pihole locally…

I set up Warp Client to “Secure Web Gateway without DNS Filtering” mode. I don’t need whole DNS filtering etc., I just want to access my VM. I have configured “split tunnels” to “Include IPs” with my VM IP, let’s say 192.168.0.X/24. In the Access → Tunnels I added private network with my VM address. When trying to connect from the WARP client I’m getting an error stating that DNS couldn’t be resolved. I’ve checked both logs - from pihole and cloudflare. In the cloudflare I can see a lot of something similar to “DNS queries”:

In the pihole log I can see that cloudflare domains (during WARP client connection) are resolved properly.

Two questions. When I set specific address in the “Include” (Split tunnels) why are all addresses from private network redirected to cloudflare? Does cloudflare filter some traffic with DNS queries?

P.S. I know that I don’t need the WARP client when I’m already in the home network but basically I’d like to have the same configuration independently of connected network