WARP Client Status Reporting

Is there a way to see when a user disables the WARP client? We need to leave that functionality available to the user, but we would like to know when this is done. And if possible, why (a stated rationale by the user). Some other tools allow for this…hoping I’m just not seeing it.

You can configure the Warp client to automatically re-enable itself when disabled after a period of time.

If you want workflow / purpose justification there’s an option for a one time code provided by an admin. You could have your users contact a help desk to obtain it / justify.

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Appreciate the response. We’re pretty small, and unfortunately, that workflow would fall on either myself or one other person when I’m not available. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like there are logs to track this within Cloudflare nor is there a justification field for the user to enter their reasoning. No worries…just figured I’d ask.

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