Warp Client Posture Checks Gone

This morning I noticed that all of my WARP client posture checks are missing from the portal, however under each device it appears the checks are still being performed. When I check the WARP app on individual devices they still show the posture information so it looks like the posture checks are still working normally. I am not able to use posture checks in any rules as it says there was an error retrieving the posture rules. Is there an outage/issue with posture checks today? Thanks

Are you still encountering this?

I am, dev tools is showing the following error message when I load the device posture tab on the devices page:

{"success":false,"errors":[{"message":"unable to process posture rules","code":6518}]}
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Thank you. Were the rules created using the api or terraform or using the ui? I do see an issue that affected a couple of customer where invalid rules could be created. (if so, you may have received an email asking you to remove the rules)

All of the posture rules were created in the ui. I haven’t received any email pertaining to my posture rules.

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The posture rules have returned! Was it something on the backend?

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I did see a couple other instances of the error but those were related to api created rules that were allowed to be created but should not have been, not certain as to why they disappear and reappear however, need to dig to see if I can find a reason on that

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