WARP client on macOS disconnects with "Message too long" error

I’m using Cloudflare WARP and Zero Trust with a Tunnel to connect to a private PostgreSQL instance. Whenever I try to execute a long query, my WARP client disconnects with the following error:

==> cfwarp_service_log.txt <==
2022-12-20T23:01:35.053Z  WARN main_loop: warp::warp: Tunnel task experienced error task_name="Process tun packets" err=OsError(Os { code: 40, kind: Uncategorized, message: "Message too long" })
2022-12-20T23:01:35.053Z  WARN main_loop: warp::warp_service: Tunnel connection experienced error error=OsError(Os { code: 40, kind: Uncategorized, message: "Message too long" })

Here’s an example of a long query that I use to reproduce the issue:

SELECT 'Lorem ipsum ... {add 2k more characters}';
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This happened to me and it turned out that I had set my MTU too low.

networksetup -setMTU en0 1436

fixed it

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