Warp Client for Linux with Teams

I’m having issues setting up Cloudflare WARP client on linux together with Cloudflare Teams.
there’s the teams-enroll subcommand in the warp-cli, but I’m not sure how to use it
It refers to a “JWT”, but I’m unsure if this is a JWT token and which one it should be. Already tried multiple tokens from cloudflared and from the .cloudflareaccess.com site. What does the JWT stand for and how do I get it?

This is the output from warp-cli teams-enroll --help

Enroll with Cloudflare for Teams

warp-cli teams-enroll <jwt>

-h, --help       Prints help information
-V, --version    Prints version information


Having the same issue. Not at all clear what this is referring to, and the help page is no help.

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any news regarding this issue?

would be nice to have some documentation regarding warp cli in linux envs.

Hello! Right now, the WARP client is available for Linux with Teams support coming shortly.

From https://blog.cloudflare.com/announcing-warp-for-linux-and-proxy-mode/:

Cloudflare for Teams support is on the way, and just like our other clients, it will ship in the same package. Stay tuned for an in-app update or reach out to your Account Executive to be notified when a beta is available.

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JWT stands for JSON Web Token