Warp Client for Linux on non gui server

Attempting to get warp running on an Ubuntu server without a GUI and I’m running into an issue using Warp for Teams.

warp-cli teams-enroll contoso
Couldn’t register callback via xdg-mime: No such file or directory (os error 2)
Couldn’t register browser callbacks. This flow may not be supported on this OS.
No such file or directory (os error 2)
A browser window should open at the following URL:


If the browser fails to open, please visit the URL above directly in your browser.

I attempted to use Lynx to complete the sign on, but our Teams is backed by GSuite, and it looks like this auth method requires seeing a picture.

What needs to be done to enroll warp on a server without a gui with Teams and GSuite

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Exact same issue here! The application handler, even on firefox, does not do anything! And in on the help menu, there is apparently a way to log in in a non-interactive fashion, but the id and secret keys are nowhere to be found in the teams UI.

    warp-cli teams-enroll [OPTIONS] <team>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --access-client-id <CLIENT_ID>            Client ID for non-interactive authentication.
        --access-client-secret <CLIENT_SECRET>    Client secret for non-interactive authentication

Had to downgrade to warp-cli 2021.7.2 to be able to teams-enroll. Then. removed that version and installed the latest 2021.8.1 that has that feature broken as explained above!