WARP client for freebsd based firewalls eg:. (pfSense, OPNsense)


Thanks for your efforts for developing such a service like WARP. it’s very useful for me as i live in a restricting country of internet users. i do really suffer from too many problems in my internet connection like routing, content censoring and stability.

Since discovering WARP service am using it everyday, in solving most of the problems mentioned above, specially Gaming experience on WARP is so much better than my original connection.

finally my question is about developing a client for WARP service to work on firewall directly instead of installing the client on every device on my network.
am in need for it as it would make it easier for me to route specific apps ans services through WARP
like DNS, certain games which suffer from bad routing and censored content servers.

i know that WARP is using Wireguard protocol, i had it working on my firewall but recently it refuses to connect, i think it’s all about keys. as WARP is working perfectly on devices but not over Wireguard client.

if there is no need for such a client, could you explain how to use the service through Wireguard client?

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You could use OpenWrt and wgcf to run WARP on your router.

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I would start with the FreeBSD binaries on that project’s releases page since that is the platform that powers pfSense.

Thanks for your reply.
currently i am using the same idea with OPNsense, but it doesn’t work properly. it suddenly stop handshaking with server, and i think it’s not being blocked by ISP. as the WARP clients on devices working greatly.

I’m also very interested to connect my OPNsense installation to WARP.
This is what I’ve found so far, but no luck on deploying it (yet) :frowning:

Another article on the topic:

Hello Cadish,

Thank you very much for these links, i already knew WGCF and used it so many times to extract Wireguard data, but i think there is something missing.
i got local private&public keys also tried with Cloudflare WARP and Zerotrust Teams WARP.
sometimes i get a successful connection and it lasts for days online, but that happens occasionally.
For my country openVPN, Wireguard and most other VPN protocols are blocked.
but when i connect from WARP clients (on Windows and Android) it works smoothly.

Don’t know why, i suspect something related to footprint of connection or maybe we miss something like a preshared key

i have managed to get Warp-go on my opnSense, trying and digging all day.

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Can you share how you did it? Will try to reproduce then and see how I can help


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Any process for Opnsense? I really would like to use warp with zero trust on my all network.

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