Warp Client for arm64 architecture

Multiple requests have been made for an arm64 client for Warp. The last thread I see about it, that makes any sense, was closed in 2021 after a team member commenting that they are taking it into consideration.

Could we please have an update on the status of the arm64 release, or if if there is any intention/plans to create one?

Until an arm64 release, it would highly benefit your users if either a linux binary were made available, or a method of creating a connection manually.

I am a longtime Cloudflare user, that deploys a variety of your services across many OSes, for myself and clients. Not having these tools forces my hand to start looking for an alternative solution with another company.

I appreciate all of the Cloudflare team’s hard work and perseverance in the fight for privacy and security. You folks have been fighting the good fight with extreme integrity and I am very grateful for what you do.