WARP client connected to zero trust domain, but cannot access

Hi, I am able to connected the WARP client to my zero trust team domain but I am unable to connect to my SAMBA servers on my home local network.

I had verified that my SAMBA servers are accessible by using file explorer.

The following describe what I had currently done to my zero trust network and WARP client.

Setting up tunnel

  1. I had set up a tunnel with 2 public hostname which are:
  • sambamain.mydomain.com
  • samba.mydomain.com

and had as set the service for my 2 samba servers respectively as:

  • SMB://
  • SMB://
  1. I had also installed the cloud flared docker image at and the status is “HEALTHY”

Device enrollment and client connection using WARP

  1. I had created a policy with rule action allow and selector of email. The selector values are also entered with email.

  2. Authentication for device enrollment was set to “One-time PIN”.

  3. Client is able to connect to my zero-trust using the emails specified in the selector values.

What are the other things I need to configure in order for my WARP client to access my SAMBA server. Thanks

Hi just to clarify, when I said that I had verified that my samba servers is working using the File Explorer, I meant accessing it by typing the IP addresses (\\\ and \\\) respectly and not using the set hostname (sambamain.mydomain.com and samba.mydomain.com) in my tunnel.


Hi, I made some progress. Apparently, you need to add the CIDR to both of my SAMBA server in the Private Network tunnel tab. Also, you need configure the split tunnel to include the 2 IP addresses of my SAMBA server.

However, I am able to access the SAMBA server for but not for

I do not know what is the reason despite being able to access both from a File Explorer in my LAN


I did further troubleshooting and found interesting results.

Before I begin, I would talk about how my 2 SAMBA servers are deployed.

(1) For SAMBA server 1 (, the server is deployed as a docker container on a ubuntu server.

(2) For SAMBA server 2 (, this server is deployed on the ubuntu server that is hosting the docker container for SAMBA server 1.

To rule out any further possibility, I shared a file from a Window 10 pro and Window 11 pro OS and installed SAMBA daemon on a desktop running Ubuntu OS. Using WARP, I am able to connect and access to these folders.

In summary, here are the computers/servers I am able and not able to connect:
Able to connect

  1. Window 10 pro
  2. Window 11 pro
  3. Ubuntu Desktop
  4. SAMBA server 1 ( which is running on docker container

Not able to connect

  1. SAMBA server 2 ( which is running on host which is used to run SAMBA server 1