Warp client and Mac's Extend to iPad feature not working together

I’m using Cloudflare access and the warp client to access internal resources. I.e. I have one service service.mydomain.com which is only accessible without login page when the warp client is active and connected to my team. But when I use the feature of the Mac which allows extending the Mac’s display to an iPad then the warp client doesn’t seem to work properly - I can’t access the internal service directly but get a login page instead (which shouldn’t happen when the warp client is active). If I then deactivate the extend display feature and re-activate the warp client accessing the service without a login page works fine again. But then when I activate the extend display feature again this does not work - the picture is just frozen until I deactivate the warp client again and restart the display connection. So only one is working at a time.

I use the warp client in include mode and have only included that one service and one other internal ip (which is not the ip of the ipad) so this shouldn’t be the reason.

Is this a bug?

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Having the same issue. Something can be done Cloudflare?

I’m having the same issue. I’m wondering about the IP over Wifi or over USB network that is using to connect to the iPad and if that network is being blocked by WARP?