WARP Client and Cloudflared Tunnel Instability

I’m getting a ton of errors over an extended usage of the cloudflared tunnel.

When it works it’s pretty cool, but it’s not remotely stable for production usage.

Can anyone help me discern what these errors mean?


Are you perceiving actual problems as a user? Or is your concern based solely on these logs?

My question is grounded on the fact that the Internet is unreliable, and we expect logs like this over time (note that some of them are actually WRN, i.e., warnings, but not errors).
That’s why we have cloudflared tunnel connect to Cloudflare’s Edge with 4 connections, so that a single process can have higher availability, as well as why you can run the same Tunnel in more than 1 cloudflared (to have cross-process/machine availability) as per https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-apps/run-tunnel/deploy-cloudflared-replicas

As for why those happen; well, to start with, the Application error 0x0 is actually a “non error” in the QUIC transport, so nothing bad seems to be happening there. Maybe the machine to which you were connected (in Cloudflare’s edge) rebooted and that’s just your QUIC connection detecting that, stopping and reconnecting to a new machine.
The overall message is: if this happens over long periods (hours), then it is not a concern, unless you are perceiving actual problems as a user, and in that case we’d need more details (ideally as a customer support ticket, not here, since we’d need logs, details, etc…).

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Are you perceiving actual problems as a user?

I am perceiving problems as a user. I have had very mixed success. Sometimes it works, most of the time it does not, without any configuration changes.

Right now for instance the WARP client is connected, and the cloudflared tunnel is running in WARP mode but I am unable to contact any devices on my private network. Nothing has changed since yesterday when it was working before I left for the day.

I can open a support ticket.

Yes, please do that.

Include as much detail as possible (which I’m sure support will ask you for):

  • Tunnel ID
  • cloudflared tunnel logs (ideally with --loglevel debug enabled)
  • the time frame (ideally exact timestamps) when you notice problems vs when you do not
  • which problems do you have as a user (which type of “access” are you doing? what’s your private origin? how do you perceive failures?)
  • what is the private IP / Port of a specific example that failed, and when?
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Wait if you’re using the free edition you don’t have access to support. So if I’m trialing this solution how do I get help?

No sure here what you mean.
If you have a Cloudflare account, you can open a ticket from your dashboard: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/requests/ can you try this URL?
( or you can just email support[at]cloudflare.com )
and send us the ticket number here

As Highlighted, when going through the support link.

I’ll try email.