Warp-cli tunnel endpoint set on android ZeroTrust client

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What is the issue you’re encountering

I can run " warp-cli tunnel endpoint set IP:PORT " or “warp-cli set-custom-endpoint $warp_endpoint:2408” on desktop version. Is there the equivalent on Android client?

Hi @erde.xi,

Unfortunately, there is no CLI feature available for the Android version of WARP.

So, there is no way to set up a tunnel endpoint from an Android client… right?

That’s correct.

I’m assuming what you’re trying to do is to switch to an endpoint located in the PRC?
The Android client is extremely limited (probably by the OS itself as well in some aspects) so this seems unlikely to happen. Though technically speaking I don’t see why it can’t be possible.
Talking with your custom plan CF representatives might help though, I guess.