WARP+ burning through my cellular data on iOS

Somehow iOS doubles my cellular data usage while using WARP+, expected behaviour would be that app is responsible for most data usage, however it just doubles it.

I would label this issue as urgent, since I burn through like 12GB of data in a week!

Sorry about duplicate post :sob:

You are probably still at “safe” 6 GB :slight_smile:

You best check your provider’s statistics.

Ouch, I just saw that thread.

Yes, on your device traffic is (naturally) doubled but not across the Internet.

Well I just checked my provider’s statistics and it matches cellular data spent on my iOS device, so yeah, it’s doubled across the internet somehow. What a bummer.

In that case you probably did use that traffic. The application wouldn’t just double it.

Well here’s someone with the same issue as mine: Data Usage - 1GB in 3 days - #36 by woodynash

It’s not quite clear what that poster experienced and he didn’t clarify in a follow up posting, but the OP seemed to have confirmed it was double counting IIRC.

It is rather unlikely that the application doubles traffic. Where should it send it to? Plus it would need to get the response back as well.

But maybe you can also post a screenshot of your traffic statistics.

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