WARP Blocks Incoming Connections (Bitcoin Node)

I started using CloudFlare WARP VPN a week ago and I noticed it has some kind of issue with Bitcoin full node, I was running a Bitcoin full node on my system and it was working fine and had both incoming and outgoing connections, but when I turn on the WARP VPN it still works fine but all my node incoming connections are blocked and it shows the number of incoming connections 0.

Please test the WARP on a system that has a running Bitcoin full node witch accepts both incoming/outgoing connections through port 8333.

I use Bitcoin core node implementation on a Windows 10 system.

hey @nomanmusleh

have you managed to combine the WARP, with the teams app --> (https://dash.teams.cloudflare.com/https://teams.cloudflare.com/)
When you connect your WARP requests with the Cloudflare Access Gateaway,
You will be able to manage requests from Cloudflare’s dashboard, and white list any incoming connections in your system.

Please let me know if that worked!!

Firstly… how are you using Cloudflare’s Warp on a desktop? It’s not yet supported.

If you are simply using cloudflared for DNS then it won’t block any incoming connections, as it’s not proxying anything.

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I use it directly through Wireguard Windows app, I followed this instruction:

How can I add the gateway on Wireguard?

Oh I see… those are not officially supported though. There is no actually official way of running WARP on the desktop. Can’t help you more in that regard.

Connecting to Gateway you won’t get any filtering of incoming connections, only filtering of specific DNS queries, at the moment of writing at least.