Warp Blocking 3rd party site

When I have my Warp client set to Gateway with WARP I am unable to navigate to cln.cloudlinux.com. Chrome shows “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” while Brave shows a 503 error. I am able to fully access cloudlinux.com

If I turn off the entire client it works as expected and if I change to Gateway with DoH it seems to be working correctly as well.

I did add cln.cloudlinux.com to the local domain fallback but that didn’t change the results. Do I have something misconfigured on my end? Seems odd that only that subdomain (so far) is blocked.

Any suggestions? I obviously don’t control cloudlinux.com so maybe a bypass rule of some sort? Oddly, nothing shows up in the “blocked” filters in my dashboard, but cln.cloudlinux.com shows as allowed when DoH only is active.