Warp blocked my internet when not using it

My computer suddenly kept saying “Connected, No Internet” when connecting to my WIFI.

After a week of troubleshooting and eventually being convinced it is a hardware issue I opened my firewall Rules and noticed that there was two Rules created by Warp that blocked all DNS connections (I assume so that it can be rerouted through the application).

When I saw these Rules I immediately uninstalled Warp and my internet came back to normal.

If anyone of the dev team is seeing this please find a way for this to not happen again because it caused me a lot of problems and I frankly like your services and would like to keep using them, And for anyone who is having a problem with their internet and suspects the Warp application check your firewall Rules.

I spent weeks working with support to find out we had to add 2 websites to the Split Tunnel Exclusion list.


Is this still working for you? We did this, and it does not work.