WARP blocked by Cloudflare

why would Cloudflare allow to block its own service?

Are you trying to access cloudflare.com? For me this works over Warp

When you are trying to access a Website on the Cloudflare Network that is not cloudflare.com then the Website in Question probably blocked your IP or Country. Websites that are on Cloudflares Network will see your original IP Address (https://developers.cloudflare.com/warp-client/known-issues-and-faq#why-is-my-public-ip-address-sometimes-visible)

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no, it is just a random webpage that I daily use, it has Cloudflare as a proxy, I started to use WARP recently and noticed that that webpage blocks warp. which is a little bit odd.

Sorry for the Late Reply. Like i already said, Websites that are on Cloudflares Network dont see the Warp IP Address. They see your IP-Address. Because you never Exit the Cloudflare Network in this Case there is no Exit Point that has a different IP Address. So the Website probably blocked your Country or something other from you directly. You could try to contact the Website Owner and give them the Ray ID. So he can look what exactly blocks you

Edit: I looked in my Cloudflare Firewall Settings and found no Option to block Access to Warp Customers which speaks for my Idee that you are blocked directly

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Not quite. You are correct the WARP client IP address is not changed but something is happening.

I was visiting a website that sits behind Cloudflare (not my own) and WARP was turned off. All working fine. I updated WARP and when it started again it connected automatically. At that point the website I was visiting started testing my browser and then blocking my connection until I turned off WARP.

At the same time my own website was working fine, so I guess the other site’s owner has some rule in place the might be seeing WARP traffic as bot traffic.


Thats strange. The Website itself should see no Difference. So i guess it is a Bug in Cloudflare then.

Or do you know any setting in Cloudflares Firewall that targets Warp.

And would you mind to share the Websites where this i Happening?

also noticed that I cant log in to my Cloudflare account when WARP is turned on, gives 403 forbidden error

Noticed that my Lastpass browser addon login was failing as well as Signal.

Disabled Proxy through Cloudflare Gateway Teams configuration and all worked again.

Then I read this topic Cloudflare WARP showing private and now addresses in X-Forwarded-For ? (and private fd* ipv6) - DNS & Network - Cloudflare Community and I am wondering if there’s some configuration change we were not told about.

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Also just noticed, as reported before: I can’t access Cloudflare Dashboard if WARP is active:

Hit CTRL+R on your keyboard, should clear the cache and send you to a CAPTCHA page.

Thanks. Reloaded it and was sent to the captcha page - interesting it seems it doesn’t support Privacy Pass.

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