WARP billing question

When I click the onboarding link I get a page with “Welcome to Cloudflare for Teams!
Secure your devices, network, and internal applications.” and nothing else. I can’t create an organisation on my existing account, it seems. I have raised a support ticket.

How is WARP+ be billed? Are we still supposed to subscribe over mobile and use the same key across the mobile and desktop apps? Or will it be available via Cloudflare billing?

Teams pricing is available here: https://www.cloudflare.com/teams-pricing/

  • WARP Unlimited is our monthly subscription offering for WARP+. Note WARP Unlimited can only be purchased via your iOS and Android device for the time being.

You don’t see the link in the first screenshot?

Do you have an existing Gateway configuration in your account? It should have skipped the wizard if you did.

Thanks. Yes, I know the pricing but it doesn’t mention WARP+ on those plans - which at the moment seem to be available only via the mobile app - do the plans on the page include WARP+ now?

Also, yes, I have an existing Gateway configuration but no organisation name, no HTTP rules, etc. It looks like my configuration is “old”.

This is what I see when I click the onboarding link:

What browser/os?

Can ya try a Shift+F5 there?

You can also skip to dash.teams.cloudflare.com/*/gateway/overview (replacing the * with the bits you obvs know to replace it with :smiley:

It’s mentioned in this link describing the features/setup

“Can ya try a Shift+F5 there?”

Done that before posting here. Done using other browser with no cookies at all. Done using an incognito window.

" You can also skip to dash.teams.cloudflare.com/*/gateway/overview"

Yes, this is the URL I use to manage it. I thought the onboarding linked from the blog would go through the bits that I don’t see in my account - organisation name, HTTP policies.

I will wait for support to reply to my ticket.

I ran into a similar issue.

There are two sections here:

The gateway portion:
You will need to go to the policy page under the Gateway section of the site. Create a policy if you haven’t already. Then go to the location page under the gateway section, create a location if you haven’t already and link it to the policy. After that in the setup instructions for the location you will see a DOH url. Take the subdomain portion of that url and in the warp app, go to preferences->Connection. In the DOH subdomain field, paste that there and click save. That then forces the device to use the cloudflare gateway dns which the policy then applies.

WARP Device Enrollment:
The organization name is the subdomain piece from your cloudflareaccess.com url. Under the Access section of the site under Authentication page take the subdomain section of your Auth domain url and use that.
But before you do that, make sure you have a device enrollment policy setup under the Devices page in the My Teams section. Otherwise you will get an http error page when you try to enroll the device.

Hope this helps. I had to dig a bit to figure out all this.

Hi Andrew

Thank you for your reply too… The gateway part I had figured out as it was part of the beta but the WARP device enrollment was the missing bit - and you are right, once I’ve created the device settings then the WARP client accepted the organisation I had in the CF Access URL as the org to join.

Also, the blog entry posted today clarifies how to pay for WARP+ - if you want control from the org side. Instead of buying it via mobile app you should buy a Gateway Access or Standard plan https://blog.cloudflare.com/zero-trust-week-setting-up-cloudflare-one-as-a-small-business/