Warp Beta Win10 Pro 2004


Downloaded the new WARP beta, When I double click on it a window pops up with ‘Preparing to Install’ message, then it closes and nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

I would like to summon @kkrum for this… you can’t send a bug report there.

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Can you go to the command line and run this? Then send me the installer.log file it generates?

Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64.msi /l installer.log


When I try to run your command, I get:

‘Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64.msi’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

You need to run it from the same directory the installer is in

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Or drag the installer in the terminal window and add the text after .msi.

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Issue resolved after a reboot. Not sure what was preventing initial install, but worked after reboot.

Thanks for your help.

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