Warp + AWS VPC

Is it possible to get a fixed IP with WARP?

In my scenario, I’d like to configure an AWS security group with a few IPs, and I wonder if WARP (or any other Cloudflare service) could help me getting these fixed IPs.

WARP IPs are shared.

If you need secure access to your private networks, consider using WARP Private Network setup:



Thanks for your reply.

If I understood it correctly, with this article I will be able to define fixed IPs in my security group (using tunnels + WARP), and the endpoint machines using cloudflared will then be able to connect to whatever is running on the VPC, such as a Redshift instance for example, correct?

Yeah, this is how it should work. The source IP in your security group would be the EC2 instance running cloudflared. It doesn’t have to be a very powerful instance (can be as small as t3.micro) as the resource utilization is quite low.

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Great, thanks again.

The idea is to run cloudflared on a user’s machine and on an EC2 instance necessarily running inside the same VPC. This EC2 instance would work as a proxy for anyone connected on it, is that correct?

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The client does not need to run cloudflared if you are using WARP private network setup. They just need to login to WARP so they can have access to the private network. Of course, you need to configure few options in the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard to allow certain users to access your network, I believe that article already explains it.

You can use the Cloudflare for Teams free plan for up to 50 users.

Incredible! Thanks once more.

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After the user has logged into WARP, they will see this under Preferences - Account.

After logging in, connecting to the internal application is just a matter of pointing to the application’s private IP address.

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