WARP auto-registers connection with Active Directory DNS Server

Hello Cloudflare community.

We are running into an issue where WARP auto-registers the ‘Cloudflare WARP Interface Tunnel’ NIC with our Active Directory DNS server and intermittently disrupts connectivity to local resources.

Our Setup: Cloudflare WARP Zero Trust running in a Windows Active Directory environment. We use Split-tunneling and Domain Fallback so all “External” traffic goes through WARP and all “Internal” traffic stays within our environment.

The Issue: When the ‘Cloudflare WARP Interface Tunnel’ NIC is created on Windows machines the NIC is set to auto-register the connection’s address in DNS. The address is then registered with our Active Directory DNS server. The result is that a computer will have 2 different DNS entries (actually 3 with IPV6). When attempting to query a machine within our environment, our AD DNS server will respond with either the correct IP address (10.x.x.x) or the WARP IP address (

If our AD DNS responds with the correct IP then connectivity to the workstation is successful, such as Remote Desktop or SSH. If the AD DNS responds with the WARP address the connection fails.

Is there a way to configure WARP so that it will not auto-register DNS? Or am I perhaps approaching this issue from the wrong angle?

Thanks for any insights