WARP Authentication and Teams

I’ve seen some other posts on this but nothing I’ve found yet seems to match my experience… I apologize if I missed some other posts.

I am using Teams and WARP to connect a client (Win10) to a network subnet (what I would call a VPN). When I set up the client to initially join the “Team” I get a window that asks for the authorization info (In this case email, and then 2FA). Log in and everything works fine. I have access to the allowed subnets… GREAT!

Now, if the session times out (say 24 hours later) and I connect via WARP and attempt to access the subnet, I get nothing. As expected… What I cannot figure out is how to get back to the authorization process/ window so I can re-access the subnet again… The only way I’ve been able to fix it, is to remove the Team in WARP and re-add. Then I get the window to authorize access… I’ve even tried going to the subdomain of the tunnel with no luck there. Just get Error 1033 Cloudflare Tunnel error… I manually added the tunnel to DNS so maybe that’s a problem…???

Any ideas?

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